»venture» office

The >>venture>> office provides you with all the assistance you may need to make your participation in »venture» a success. How do we help? We are the people behind the scenes that take care of all the events, media relations, the design of the website and find the right coach for you.

Who we are:

Lea Firmin. Team lead, CEO >>venture foundation>>

Celine Korzepa. Event Management and Participant Services.

Lukas Kauz. Marketing and Communication.

Valentina Velandi. >>venture>> Ambassador for ETH Zürich & EPFL.

Sarah Boone. Events & Participant Services for EPFL.

Barbara La Cara. Events & Participant Services for ETH Zürich.


»venture» Office

Pfingstweidstr. 3, CH-8005 Zurich

Phone: +41 (0) 58 332 23 30