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6 July 2022



2022 Award Ceremony Highlights

Tuesday was the big day for the 15 startups in the running to become >>venture>>'s 2022 Grand Prize winner and for the five teams vying...



Jun 28



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STEP 5: Award Ceremony

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Biker on Mountain Top

18 Aug 2022

Bringing restaurants into the 21st century

bravo is a simple app that allows restaurants to order faster and reduce delivery mistakes Could you explain what your startup does in a...

Biker on Mountain Top

21 Aug 2022

Effortless music creation

Samplab provides an AI tool for easy and creative music production. Could you explain what your startup does in a few sentences? Samplab...

Biker on Mountain Top

29 Sep 2021

October marks the beginning of a new season at >>venture>>

Submissions for the 2022 edition are now open October is back! The time for cozy sweaters, autumn hikes and pumpkin-flavored everything...