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Careful financial planning is the core of a solid business plan. »venture» provides an Excel sheet prepared by specialists at McKinsey & Company, Switzerland which you can download for free. Use the file as framework or as a check list for your own model and calculate your P&L account, balance sheet and liquidity planning, before you make a presentation.


We recommend "Planen, Gründen, Wachsen Mit dem professionellen Businessplan zum Erfolg."

Specially written for the »venture» competition by McKinsey & Company, and now in its eighth edition, the book provides answers to the important questions that need to be addressed in the founding of a company. The objective is a professional business plan that can convince venture capitalists, strategic partners and, not least, potential customers of your business idea. The book does not assume special knowledge; business management is presented in an easy-to-understand way. A case discussion provides a practical example and there are numerous checklists, graphics and tables that can be viewed at a glance.
German edition: 8. Auflage 2016, Redline Verlag, FinanzBuch Verlag GmbH, München, CHF 47.90. ISBN 978-3-86881-279-4