How to participate

Welcome to >>venture>>! Entering the competition is simple. Follow the steps below to get the most out of your participation:

1. Understand

Make sure you understand how the competition works. You should be able to find all necessary information on our website. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

2. Register

You need to create a profile on the >>venture >> online platform to participate. It is free of charge and only viewable to those in the >>venture>> network.


How to create a profile:

  1. Go to create a profile and add your personal details. 
  2. If you would like to add a project, go to the projects tab and add a project. (Note: the content in this profile is NOT the official business plan or idea submission. You will be able to update your project before the submission deadline.)
  3. Link your project profile to your personal profile.
  4. If you are part of a team, link your team members’ profiles to your project

Note: all profiles must be written in English.

3. Get support

There are two ways you can get support at >>venture>>: join our events and work with one or multiple coaches. Both are free of charge.

  1. At our events, you can find new teammates, get your business plan challenged by our coaches, or meet potential investors. Events require online registration.
  2. Our team of coaches is ready to help you. Once you have registered your project online, you can find a coach (or several coaches) that suits you. Coaching takes place independent of our events.

4. Submit

Before you submit your document, please check the content of your business idea or business plan. You can either submit a business idea or a business plan. Find out more about the requirements and the prizes of each competition track. To submit your project, simply upload your business idea or business plan (in English) to your project page before the submission deadline. You can change your upload anytime before the deadline. If your submission meets the formal criteria, it will automatically enter the competition. 

5. Get feedback

Our jurors not only rate your project but also give you detailed written feedback. Make sure you study it in detail and benefit from the feedback given.

6. Celebrate

Whether you are among the winners or not - come celebrate with us at the award ceremony at EPFL. All winners will present their business ideas and plans and you can look forward to an interesting keynote speech.