Intellectual property support

>>venture>> offers its participants intellectual property support with the help from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI). All registered Business Plan projects are eligible to receive a free voucher for a one-on-one assisted patent search as well as a patent landscape analysis at the offices of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern; and a two-day IPI course is available for all participants to gain insights on intellectual property, IPI, and patent search. 

Assisted patent search & patent landscape analysis

 >>venture>> 2018 is proud to support the Business Plan teams with a voucher for a one-on-one IPI assisted patent search as well as a voucher for a patent landscape analysis in Bern free-of-charge. During this full-day session, an IPI patent expert from your field will answer your questions and assist you in your patent search to protect your innovation. The expert will walk you through intellectual property know-how on suitable search strategies and search terms, navigation through patent databases, patent protection, and help you evaluate the novelty of your innovation. By the end of the day, you will receive a search report signed by the expert and any matching patent documents and citations in electronic form. 

How to request an assisted patent search and a patent landscape analysis: 

  1. Register your project (in the business plan track) and receive a voucher from >>venture>>.
  2. Sign and upload the voucher in the IPI online order form to request a session. In the order form, confirm that you are affiliated with >>venture>> (Research Institute or company/institute* field) and that you are in possession of a voucher.
  3. In order to assign a suitable expert and prepare for your session, IPI also asks you to complete additional questions concerning your request.
  4. A patent expert in your field will contact you to fix a date for your visit. 

Further information and details can be found in the information sheet  Assisted Patent Search for the >>venture>> Participants, or on the IPI Assisted Patent Search site.

Intellectual property & patent search events

The two-part IPI workshop is hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI). The first event is an informational lecture, where a patent expert from the IPI present the seminar "Good Ideas can be stolen .... by Pirates and Others". Participants receive an introduction to the protection of intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, designs or copyrights, and to the finer points of patent law.

The second event is a deep-dive on the subjects of the preceding IP seminar and a workshop in which you will conduct your own patent search. Experts in patent law from different fields will be present to answer any patent-related questions and, together with you, investigate the originality of the ideas and inventions by searching various patent databases.