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Aron Braun

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Entrepreneur & startup coach Zimballo GmbH / lecturer at Bern University of Applied Sciences

Health & Nutrition

Aron has been an entrepreneur in the biotech and the education sectors for the last 20 years. After having worked in the semiconductor industry for a few years, Aron became a co-founder of Epigenomics, a Germany / US based biotech company specialized in cancer diagnostics. Later, after the IPO of the company, he became increasingly interested in the field of education. He helped build up a chain of private schools in Germany, has been a co-owner and board member of a language school operator in Switzerland, and is the owner of a daycare center. Apart from his own entrepreneurial activities, Aron likes to support promising startup companies as a (small) business angel and has been involved in 13 startups companies from various sectors, so far. He is also active as a business coach at different events and organisations, and is a lecturer in strategic management and entrepreneurship at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Aron has a degree in electrical engineering from ETH and is a certified financial analyst (CIIA).