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Michal Bartos

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Founder and CEO ARTO AG

Health & Nutrition

Michal is a shareholder of 5 start-ups in the area of healthcare (board member, lead investor and acting CFO of one of these), and has been active as a coach, mentor, expert and jury member for 5 years.
Before becoming a passionate supporter of the start-up ecosystem, Michal has spent 35 years in the life sciences industry, of which half at CIBA-GEIGY/Novartis and half at Merck, among others as Country Manager, Regional Vice President and Global Head of Commercial Operations for a 1 billion franchise. He lived and worked in 6 countries (CH, BR, PT, DE, IT, CZ) and is fluent in 8 languages.
Michal is an economist by education (Basel University), married and a father of two adult sons. He is an easy-going, extrovert person, enjoying very much an open interaction with brilliant young people who like to learn and to grow, and who seek a fruitful relation with their mentors.