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Désirée Dosch


Managing Partner & Owner at Alvicus AG

Finance & Insurance

Désirée is owner and managing partner of the consulting company Alvicus AG as well as advisor and investor of various start-ups. She has over 15 years of professional experience in the financial industry and is an expert in segment and growth strategy, project management, and marketing. She has completed an MBA degree in Australia and South Korea and worked in leading positions in the international business environments as well as in established Swiss companies.
As an entrepreneur, Désirée consults tech companies, financial institutions, and automotive companies on client segmentation and growth strategies with a deliberate focus on the needs of the female clientele and clientele of tomorrow. Désirée is also an investor and believes strongly in the power of new, innovative, impactful, and disrupting start-ups.
As a passionate leader and strong believer in diversity, her strength lies in transforming and shaping companies and teams to become more diverse, agile, and farsighted, which leads to sustainable growth, new opportunities, and success.

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