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Marcelo Ale


E-grocery pioneer | Early stage investor | Tech consultant | Startup advisor

ICT; Retail & Consumer Services

While pivoting from Physics to Quant Finance, I had the chance to run into, which I joined as CTO co-founder. Starting from an unlikely challenge to the big supermarkets, we eventually brought the startup to a middle-sized company and its acquisition by Migros, becoming its current online platform. In that role I was in charge of all technology, crucially of its logistics automation, that enabled the industrialization of the company and its eventual profitability.
I later acted as e-grocery consultant in Europe and East Asia, partly as Senior Advisor to McKinsey. Eventually I joined in Sydney, Singapore and Iberia as Investor Partner, a zero-day fund that helps founders to build startups and bring them to the seed round. As such, I mostly help tech co-founders in their choices and strategy to match business expectations.

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