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Roger Meier


Co-Founder and Board Chair/Member at Clarena / Acthera / Nemis / Aurealis

Health & Nutrition

Roger Meier, born in 1966, is a seasoned Venture Entrepreneur and Architect and has been working as an independent consultant and coach for individuals, teams, projects and companies for many years. He has helped to create numerous companies, most of them in the life sciences sector, from the incubation up to the different growth stages. He was involved in many of Life Sciences companies that are active in the development of innovative therapies in Switzerland today.
In most cases, Roger Meier is contacted by innovators or development teams who are interested in transforming ideas into companies or bringing them to a next development state, usually through referrals. He then supports innovators in the validation of their project, in communication and the mobilization of the necessary implementation skills and helps to build founders teams.
After founding, he supports the companies in the preparation of the search for investors and has, over the past few years, conducted numerous financing rounds successfully.
Right from the start, Roger Meier takes on entrepreneurial responsibility. He has been acting as an advisor, co-founder, investor and or board member in various companies in Switzerland, e.g. Versameb, Acthera, Nemis, Cellestia, Strekin, Kinarus, Aurealis (relocated from Finland), Elthera, T3 Pharma.
His vast network emerged both from his current and from his previous activities. He has supported a large number of personalities in career change processes in the past and pointed out ways to a fulfilling job. In doing so, he actively accompanied numerous individuals in their search for the optimal professional challenge. In many cases, very successful and at times quite unexpected entrepreneurial careers developed.
In the 1990ies, he worked at STG-Coopers & Lybrand (later PriceWaterhouse Coopers) as Risk Management Consultant on medium to very large multinational corporations and institutional investors in Switzerland and Europe on risk strategy and organizational matters. Prior to that, he helped Salomon Brothers Inc., the largest securities broker in the world at the time, to set up an institutional client base in Switzerland, worked as an interest rate and derivatives trader at Geneva's oldest private bank and, in a major bank, as an investment advisory assistant to high net worth individuals. Roger Meier completed a banking apprenticeship, several American securities dealer exams and a trainee program with Salomon Brothers. Inc. in New York and London and holds a degree in Business Management, Finance and Administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Basel, Switzerland.

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