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Romain Dequesne


CEO at Resolve

Finance & Insurance

McKinsey Partner
Started some companies

Digital transformations in the financial sector
Wealth and Asset Management firms.
Next generation operating model (robotics)
Technology spent maximisation
Platform strategy
Agile IT transformation
Lean Operations

My passion relies in defining and executing digital transformations in the financial sector, in particular form Wealth and Asset Management firms. Industry specialities and expertise: Digital Wealth and Asset Management core knowledge-Advisory transformation (multi-channel interactions, combination of pull/push)-Next generation operating model (robotics)-Technology spent maximisation (maintenance and project costs)-Platform strategy (fund distribution, support, execution)-Agile IT transformation-Lean Operations-Core banking transformationsAdditional wealth management industry experience-Advanced analytics customer segmentation-Pricing excellence (wealth and asset management)-Product definition-Post merger management-Corporate strategy.

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