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Swiss startups need more women and foreign entrepreneurs

Interview with Dominque Gruhl-Bégin, Head of the Startup Division at Innosuisse.

Leading the startups and next-generation innovators division of the Innosuisse Swiss Innovation Council, Dominque Gruhl-Bégin shares her thoughts and advice on the Swiss startup scene.

What does the Swiss startup scene need more of?

  1. Women and foreign entrepreneurs.

  2. VC capital, possibly coming from traditional institutional investors allocating a portion of their investment portfolio towards smaller funds such as VC funds or fund of funds.

  3. More incentives and support to foster innovative start-ups stemming from middle-aged experienced workers wishing to have a career change and to launch new ventures.

  4. Start-ups that place sustainable development as a central strategic focus.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word entrepreneur?

Persevering achiever (including the willingness to pivot, restart after failing, learn and move forward). Second and further things: passionate, adventurous, risk-taker, engaged for her/his cause.

What’s a question you’d like to answer, but no one asks?

Why haven’t we seen a larger influx of foreign investment as a response to the continued no. 1 rankings of Switzerland as the world’s most innovative country?


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