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How to write a book if... Struggling with obstacles

"The middle is the junction between the beginning and the end.

There is a beginning and there is an end. The beginning is written briskly and coherently, up to about 50-60 pages. And then there is a stupor. Everything you have prepared for the beginning - the introduction of the characters, the outline of the world and the intrigue - all this is already over. You know the ending, too, and maybe pay someone to write an essay it is even sketched out, but before that - a hundred or two hundred pages of text, where the heroes should act, but about it - no ideas.

What to do?

The basic method of dealing with this stupor is not to take on work without a plot outline. Switch from the initial scenes to compose the middle ones. And so - until a strong chain leading to the finale, from point A to point B, then to C, then back to A, and from there - to D.

Fragments of scenes in this case fit any - the dialogue between the characters, their history, the history of the world. And every fragment, every thought, every sketch can be used. And then you can writing papers for money go on to the next scene through the link-exit.

How do you create connections between scenes? Through key questions.

For example, a scene: the hero comes into a tavern and huddles in a dark corner, frightened, looking around.

The questions that might go with it are:

What is the setting of the tavern?

How did the hero get there, where did he come from?

Why is he here? Why and what is he afraid of?

If afraid, why is he sitting in a corner and not leaving?

Where is he going to go next, and why?

The more questions you can think of, the more answers you will get. And for sure one or two of them will be the ligament that connects the scene to the plot or intrigue.

What you definitely don't want in the "middle" is empty "water." Book "water" is endless and pointless adventures, long dialogues and relationship clarifications, or sudden "royals in the bushes."

The central part of the book should logically follow from the beginning of the story and logically lead to its finale. Therefore, the same adventures should "work" for the idea or intrigue. The main thing - to remind the reader what it is all about. And insert hints - will it work? Are the main characters going the right way? Will they be able to achieve what they want?

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