Teams 2004 – Phase 2

Eighty business plans were submitted in the second phase of »venture» 2004. Twenty three favorites were nominated for inclusion in the top ten. Five main prize-winners and one special prize-winner were chosen from the top ten.

If you would like to get in touch with a team, please contact »venture». After consultation with the team we’ll be happy to facilitate contact.

Main prize winners

Endosense is a medical device company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing cardiovascular devices for the diagnosis and treatment of various cardiac rhythm disorders. Using motorized robotic catheters capable of navigating inside the cardiovascular system, the novel technology enables physicians to guide and position endovascular catheters at target in a reproducible and precise fashion. This drastically reduces the need for fluoroscopy and greatly improves the precision and speed of the operation. Initially, Endosense will develop three different applications (RoboPace, RoboArt, and RoboScor), but its technology platform opens up opportunities for the development of multiple products for the endovascular device market.

FlamePowders is a materials design and manufacturing company using a proprietary technology to fabricate functional powders with diameters ranging from 10–100 nm. Its patented Carboxy Process enables the large-scale production of homogeneous, high-quality superfine particles at a very competitive price. In addition to quality improvements, FlamePowders products enable its customers to realize significant cost reductions. Target markets include 3-way catalysts for automotive exhaust gas treatment, polishing materials, electronic materials, and biocompatible ceramics for medical implants. Development for additional markets is underway. FlamePowders is a spin-off of the ETH Zurich, and the company holds an exclusive license for exploiting the Carboxy Technology patented by the ETH.

[FOLDCORE] is a folded nuclear structure for so-called sandwich materials, which is concealed by two surface layers. Such structures are versatilely deployable: for airplane, truck, rail vehicle, container, funiture and house construction; in formwork elements, accoustic barriers along streets, in discotheques or as ceiling or floor tiles in hospitals and office buildings. Even in the packaging industry, [FOLDCORE] is applicable as a distinctly more efficient alternative to the established corrugated cardboard at comparable manufacturing costs. With this procedure, patent pending, all kinds of materials can inexpensively be folded to a rigid, impact resistant, accoustically dulling structure capable of drainage. The adjustment of the patented procedure to the respective folding material is necessary and basically possible. 

Molecular Partners is a biotechnology company developing and selling high-quality binding molecules for applications in life sciences and healthcare. Molecular Partners’ binding molecules are based on designed repeat proteins (DRPs). These equal antibodies – used to date in target binding – in terms of affinity and specificity, but surpass them in terms of stability and production yields. As DRPs can be generated at unparalleled speed, without the need for animals, and at an extraordinarily high success rate, they result in lower costs. Molecular Partners seeks to offer its molecules on the biotechnological, diagnostic and therapeutic applications markets. The DRP technology has been covered by an “umbrella patent”, for which the company has an exclusive license.

NovoGEL strives to commercially implement a key technology for the production of novel gels, mainly gels based on physical processes, at the ETH Zurich Institute for Polymer Chemistry. The substance class of these new gels opens beneficial new product qualities and production possibilities for many current physical process based applications. Furthermore, new products with extraordinary utility are in posse, such as groceries with a low glycaemic index and high relish. NovoGEL understands itself as an innovative technological enterpriseand as technological hub. Together with cooperation partners and clients it strives to provide its patent and know-how in an ideal application specific form and thus introduce new products to the market.


Special prize winner

Active Noise Cancelling has developed a novel noise reduction device, which decreases disturbing noise emissions in internal spaces. The device works by neutralising sound waves. The proprietary algorhythms developed by Active Noise Cancelling allow for the device to be efficiently functional even in larger rooms. This way a broad scope of applicability in the private as well as in the office space emerges.