Teams 2006 – Winners Phase 2

99 business plans were submitted in the first phase of »venture» 2006. Of the 22 teams nominated, 10 teams were awarded with overall 137'500 CHF for the best business plans.

Main prize winners

1st prize: Arktis Radiation Detectors (ETH Zurich)

Radiation portal monitoring – the screening of cargo to detect concealed dangerous radioactive materials – has become standard practice wherever trucks, trains or ships deliver their cargo. Steel mills, incinerator plants, landfills, seaports, and border crossings are but a few examples that rely on portal monitoring to prevent nuclear smuggling/proliferation or to avoid environmental damage. Current technology has many shortcomings. Most notably, the all too frequent “false positives”, i.e., so-called nuisance alarms, disrupt the automated flow of goods and cause delays. Arktis proposes a new detector technology. Developed and proven in particle astrophysics research, our technology is aimed at reducing the false alarm rate by a factor of ten, while increasing the sensitivity to dangerous radioactive materials. This allows for cost savings and more reliable detection of dangerous goods.

2nd prize: XpresSys (ETH Zurich)

XpresSys is a biotechnology start-up specialized in the production of protein machines. Proteins are used in research to understand diseases and to develop drugs. Until recently, research and development both in academia and the pharmaceutical industry focused almost exclusively on isolated proteins, the individual components of protein machines. However, proteins in cells do not work alone. Rather, proteins function in concert to form protein machines, comparable to a clockwork mechanism with many cogwheels. XpresSys, through its unique, innovative MultiBac technology, will offer rapid production of entire protein machines as they work in cells. This will be of great value both for properly understanding disease as well as for the development of highly specific, next-generation drugs.XpresSys is an ETH Zurich spin-off company and will obtain an exclusive license for the MultiBac technology, which is patented by the ETH Zurich.

3rd prize: Concretum Materials (ETH Zurich)

Concretum develops and sells repair concrete for bridges, tunnels, roads and runways. Customers are, among others, construction companies and material manufacturers.

Concretum’s repair concrete saves time and money. Performance is based on the combination of four innovative aspects: (1) impregnations (2) fibers, (3) accelerators, and (4) premixing. A unique method is applied to product development that facilitates a rapid and tailored combination of these properties. Two products, repair concrete for tunnels and repair concrete for runways, have already been used successfully by Zurich airport, the construction authority of Canton Zurich, and by others. The concrete repair business is a growth market. The global annual market is worth CHF 9.0 billion and has shown an annual growth rate of 4 to 10%. Concretum’s team has proven entrepreneurial qualities, demonstrated by successfully running the consulting company Concretum Construction Science AG since 2001.

4th prize: Epithelix (University of Geneva)

Epithelix Sàrl is a new biotech company specialized in the reconstitution of in vitro human tissues, which can be imagined as “mini organs”. The company has developed and is commercializing its first product, a new in vitro cell model of human respiratory epithelium that can closely mimic the morphology and function of the native human tissue. Moreover, this is the only cell model that can survive for more than a year and is thus suitable for long-term toxicity tests. The use of this model can greatly reduce animal experimentation. Furthermore, with cells derived from patients with genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, the reconstituted airway epithelium can reproduce in vitro the pathological phenotypes of the disease, observed in vivo. These unique features will allow for the development of a variety of applications in basic research, drug discovery, drug validation, and toxicity testing.

5th prize: CHROMACON (ETH Zurich)

CHROMACON enables its customers in the pharma and biotech industries to increase the efficiency of their chromatographic purification processes by a factor of 10 in comparison with current technologies. Further, the recovery of valuable products normally lost is also increased significantly. CHROMACON, through its patented CHROMACON process, realizes great savings for its customers since the products to be purified are about 100-times more expensive than gold. Model-based process optimization services also contribute to the immense improvement. Rapid implementation in the customer’s value chain is assured through close cooperation with an equipment manufacturer. The market for chromatographic purification solutions is currently about USD 800 million per year and has shown sustained growth rates of 12%.

Winner ranks 6-10 (in alphabetical order)

Aquamedic, Domat/Ems (GR)

Zur Wiedererlangung und Erhaltung der körperlichen Fitness ist das Training an Geräten wie das Ergometertraining heute fester Bestandteil eines Regenerations- und Aufbautrainings. Neueste Studien haben bewiesen, dass bei der Verlagerung dieses Trainings ins Wasser die Rehabilitationszeit um bis zu zwei Drittel verkürzt werden kann. Zudem können auch Patienten im Wasser ein Training durchführen, für die dies aufgrund von Schmerzen in den Gelenken oder am Bewegungsapparat an Land nicht mehr möglich ist.

Aquamedic hat in Zusammenarbeit mit der Klinik Valens und dem Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik (NTB) in Buchs ein Aquabike entwickelt, mit dem erstmals ein medizinisch kontrolliertes Gerätetraining im Wasser möglich wird. Dieses Gerät soll nun Rehabilitationskliniken, Spitälern, Sportinstituten und Gesundheitshotels verkauft werden.

Covagen (ETH Zurich)

Medikamente erlangen im Allgemeinen ihre Wirksamkeit durch Bindung an ein Zielmolekül, das für die zu behandel-nde Krankheit relevant ist. Mit den raschen Fortschritten in der biologischen Forschung werden laufend interessante Zielmoleküle entdeckt, welche bei Krankheiten wie Krebs eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Es ist von grosser Bedeutung, bindende Moleküle für die neu entdeckten Zielmoleküle zu finden. Covagen hat an der ETH Zürich eine Methode entwickelt, mit deren Hilfe Proteine gefunden werden können, die an ein beliebiges Zielmolekül binden. Diese Proteine werden aus von Covagen entdeckten Proteingerüsten hergestellt, die sich besonders gut für die Entwicklung von Medikamenten eignen.

Die Technologie und die neuen Proteingerüste ermöglichen es Covagen, innovative Medikamente für die Behandlung verschiedener Krankheiten zu entwickeln.

LiberoVision (ETH Zurich)

Emotions are the essence of soccer and other sports games. Patented LiberoVision technology intensifies these emotions by enabling media distributors to enrich their viewers’ visual media experience with thrilling sports content. Using LiberoVision technology, TV broadcasters or Internet media service providers can select the best camera viewpoint for replays and also choose camera positions arbitrarily. Such replay views have never been shown before in such high quality and provide more insight and deeper immersion. Thus, viewers will tend to stay on their favorite sports channel waiting for the LiberoVision coverage. In contrast to competing products, LiberoVision does not require any additional hardware in the production process. LiberoVision technology can be implemented for a variety of sports and smoothly integrates existing virtual enhancements.

Qualimetro S.A. (EPF Lausanne)

L’industrie mécanique réalise toujours plus de pièces ou assemblages aux formes compliquées et précises, dans les meilleurs délais. Qualimetro propose un bras de mesure 3D. Le mécanicien l’utilise là où il en a besoin, il amène le bras vers la pièce à contrôler, et ce n’est plus à elle de venir dans une salle de contrôle. La pièce n’a plus besoin d’être démontée et la légèreté du bras assure une grande mobilité ainsi qu’une flexibilité pour des mesures rapides. Qualimetro assemble et commercialise ce matériel; pour le logiciel de contrôle l’entreprise collabore avec Wenzel Metromec. Avec un partenaire pour le développement technologique, Qualimetro développe un nouveau bras. Il sera le plus précis du marché, assurant au mécanicien de réaliser le contrôle qualité avec les meilleures exigences.

Zattoo (University of Michigan)

Zattoo will offer free and pay TV to broadband internet customers. Broadcasters and other content owners license content to Zattoo, or create their own media business using Zattoo as a platform. Zattoo’s network gets users to forward streams among themselves, thus reducing the cost of delivering live video. In this way, broadcasters and content owners benefit from a 10-fold stream amplification effect when using Zattoo. Besides cost, Zattoo’s technology has also the advantage of increased quality, reliability, and smoothness of the streamed video. Zattoo will launch in Switzerland this June. It will then expand to Austria and Germany, with other parts of Europe to follow this fall and winter. There will also be an event streamed in the US before the end of 2006. By 2010, Zattoo is forecast to have in excess of 1 million viewers around the globe watching at any given time.




Anergis develops innovative, competitive immunotherapy formulations to combat and prevent specific allergies with a high success rate and devoid of side effects. A reduced schedule of administration will improve patient compliance and significantly increase the number of treated patients.

AquaRes Q

Das Gerät lernt, basierend auf einem neuronalem Netzwerk, das typische Schwimm- und Tauchverhaltens eines Kindes und leitet bei abnormalem Verhalten eine automatische Rettungsaktion ein.


CEMOPTxD is a multiphysics simulation software for cement kiln design. Specially created for a design engineer, CEMOPTxD can be used to design more efficient, next-generation cement kilns with savings in energy costs, accompanied by better quality end product and reduction in emissions.

Contact L’S

The project goal is to realize a new contact-less system that enables the transfer of electrical energy between a power supply and a user, in order to replace cables in many applications where they are incongruous. Transfers are effective over considerable distances.

EMITALL Surveillance

EMITALL Surveillance is a leading software developer of intelligent video surveillance technologies providing advanced solutions for remote monitoring (home and shop security, baby care, elderly monitoring, police solutions) and privacy protection in public video installations.

Fairgate AG

Fairgate bietet Vereinen eine kostengünstige individuelle IT-Plattform für die Administration und Kommunikation rund um den Verein. Interessierten Unternehmungen wird über diese Plattform die Möglichkeit geboten, zielgruppen-genaues Marketing für die Vereins-Stakeholders vorzu-nehmen.


The vision of FLISOM, a spin-off company from the ETH Zurich, is to commercialize innovative breakthroughs in renewable energy research and to contribute to an environment-friendly society. The product is a flexible and extremely lightweight solar cell device that efficiently converts light into electricity.

Hei Q Materials

HeiQ Materials is a Swiss spin-off company of the ETH Zurich producing high-performance additives and master batches of synthetic fibers and plastics. Our additives help customers to functionalize their products and improve their quality, performance and lifetime.


We provide our customers with customizable units to store hydrogen in solid form. Our units use modern metal-hydrides, which can absorb and release hydrogen in a controlled manner. Our units support the development of decentralized energy production and storage.


In einem fortschreitend anonymen Lebensmittelmarkt ein persönliches Label kreieren, welches mit schmackhaften und naturbelassenen Vegi-Produkten gezielt auf die sich abzeichnende Veränderung der Essgewohnheiten reagiert.


Der Kunde steht in einem Selbstbedienungsmarkt durch-schnittlich 16 Stunden pro Jahr in der Warteschlange. “Zu viel” meint die Mehrheit der Kunden. Shopmatic ist das erste rollende, multifunktionale, elektronische Absatzförderungs- und Kundenbindungs-system. Warteschlangen sind Vergangenheit!


La future société Snowpulse proposera ses services à des professionnels de la montagne en leur mettant à disposition par un système de location une nouvelle génération d’airbag avalanche, le Snowpulse.