Teams 2010 – Winners Phase 1

205 business ideas were submitted in the first phase of »venture» 2010. Of the 25 teams nominated, 10 teams were each awarded CHF 2,500 for the best business idea.

Here they are in alphabetical order:


BIOMONICS has created a technology, which allows contactless health/wellness monitoring of the human body and its environment. This technology uses the naturally occurring electric aura generated by the human body in a unique and revolutionary way. Electric fields allow the monitoring of vital signs from a distance and wireless data transmission without radio waves. A new method of energy harvesting replaces batteries. Small circuits printed on polymer foils can be attached to skin, clothes, accessories or anywhere else that brings them close to the human body. As long as the circuits are influenced by the electric field, they begin working. The business model of BIOMONICS will be based both on selling self-developed monitoring devices and licensing the technology to others.

compliant concept (ETH Zurich)

The number of old and handicapped people is increasing and paying the costs related to this trend will be among the challenges of this and future generations. compliant concept’s mission is to contribute to a dignified life and aging of bedridden and handicapped people and to help make adequate care affordable. Pressure ulcers are one of the most serious problems facing people with disabilities. In addition, it is the most frequent cause of death for paraplegic persons. Not only paraplegic persons are affected by pressure ulcers, but also bedridden patients. compliant concept is developing a new solution for the therapy and prevention of pressure ulcers that allows an improvement of the quality of treatment at a lower cost.

labseed (EPF Lausanne)

Contemporary medicine would not exist without implantable medical devices, such as pace makers, orthopedic, dental or breast implants. But: Implantable devices, regardless of function, location or surface material, induce the formation of a hard capsule around them. The capsule affects the function of the device and causes pain. labseed developed a proprietary solution to coat body implants with a smart surface that prevents capsular contraction: MYcoat™.


Construction on “ideal” ground is rather an exception than the norm. Thus, geotechnical monitoring is required for natural hazard early warning systems, assessment of the state and behavior of infrastructure and an efficient observational method application in constructions. The global market volume is several billion CHF. By merging geotechnical knowledge with high-tech fiber optic sensor technology, MARMOTA develops applications for geotechnical site investigation and monitoring. Our unique solutions offer several advantages (sensitivity, reliability, resolution) over existing products at competitive prices, filling a technology gap in this market segment, which is growing at an estimated 30% every year.


In the field of machine tool development there is a strong need for improved physical performance, accuracy and rigidity for at least three movement directions. The cost for achieving these improved properties needs to be considerably reduced, compared to current metrics. The PRÄZOPLAN high-precision milling machine was developed based on a fundamentally novel guidance system for such equipment. A single stage is located on a high-precision planarity granite surface and guided by aerostatic devices into two directions. In comparison, a conventional design consisting of at least two stacked linear axes often leads to errors, reduced rigidity, and increased cost.

ProteoMediX (ETH Zurich)

ProteoMediX is specializing in the identification of novel biomarkers for the early detection of cancer and the personalized treatment thereof. The vision of ProteoMediX for enabling personalized medicine is to first develop diagnostic biomarkers to detect and assess the prognosis for the disease and second to identify therapeutic biomarkers in order to match patients with therapies that are more likely to be safe and effective. The first product is a blood-based test for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Clinical testing in around 100 patients showed significantly higher accuracy than today‘s clinical standard. This reduces unnecessary biopsies by more than 75% and thus results in significant cost savings for the healthcare system and less discomfort for the patient.

Sweet Vaccines (ETH Zurich)

Sweet Vaccines are novel carbohydrate-based vaccines being developed by their company Malcisbo. The first targets are unmet medical needs such as Campylobacter-induced food poisoning and parasitic infections by the blood-sucking stomach worm Hemonchus in sheep, causing losses in food production.Malcisbo has developed a proprietary target discovery platform that it will use in combination with glycoengineering technologies to provide novel and efficient glycoconjugate vaccines. The discovery platform will generate a constant outflow of novel vaccines for unmet human and veterinary medical needs. Further projects are affordable vaccines to protect people in underdeveloped areas against parasitic worm infections.

TopProbe (ETH Zurich)

At the moment there is a lack of cheap and accurate current measuring devices for higher current and frequency ranges as used mainly, though not exclusively, in the power-electronic sector. It is now possible to fill this gap by combining the output signal of two current sensors in a novel and simple way. This innovative combination, together with an improved sensor design, has been developed, tested and patented at the ETH Zurich.

TopProbe proposes a current-measuring device based on this new technology that not only is suitable for power-electronic applications, but also incorporates such advantages as small size, light weight, galvanic isolation and employs no ferromagnetic materials.

Virometix AG (University of Zurich)

Virometix offers an innovative solution to the problem of designing and manufacturing the next generation of vaccine-based drugs. The production and use of traditional vaccines has encountered problems, both in manufacture and due to side reactions that can occur. With its proprietary Synthetic Virus-like Particle technology, Virometix will overcome these problems by exploiting advances in immunology as well as the tools of chemistry and rational molecular design. The company is developing a totally synthetic approach to vaccines and immunotherapeutic drugs, targeting both infectious diseases and chronic human diseases such as cancer.

ViSSee, Lugano TI

Speed is everywhere! It‘s in the cars we drive, the movies we watch, in the movements we make. The ViSSee visual sensor analyzes the motion of the surrounding environment and provides the measurement of speed and indications on the type of movement. The revolution lies in our patented technology, which requires little computational and electrical power to generate a precise and robust measurement, finally allowing for compact portable speed sensors. On motor vehicles, the sensor saves lives by reducing the braking distance and making that airbags open at the right moment. Applied to physiotherapy and sports, the sensor gives instant feedback on the quality of the exercise, maximizing effectiveness and preserving health. But there is more: indoor navigation, video gaming, and aviation all benefit from ViSSee.