Teams 2010 – Winners Phase 2

In the second phase of »venture» 2010, 142 business plans were submitted. 10 teams were awarded a prize money totaling CHF 137’500.

Main prize winners

1. rank: Blueshift, Zurich

Blueshift’s goal is to revolutionize the way consumers protect themselves against the damaging effects of sunlight by marketing the first intelligent UV filter technology for use in cosmetics. Our patented technology senses solar intensity and adjusts the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) accordingly. Blueshift positions itself as a supplier of UV filters for the cosmetic industry and will target the CHF 211 million market for UV filters. Our customers are cosmetic brand manufacturers such as Beiersdorf (Nivea), L’Oreal, or Estée Lauder, who use UV filters as active ingredients in cosmetics. Using Blueshift’s intelligent UV filters, our customers can create sun care products that offer better protection and at the same time allow faster tanning.

2. rank: Sweet Vaccines (ETH Zurich)

Sweet Vaccines are novel carbohydrate-based vaccines that are being developed by our company, Malcisbo. The first targets are unmet medical needs such as Campylobacter-induced food poisoning and parasitic infections by the blood-sucking stomach worm Hemonchus in sheep, which cause losses in food production. Further projects are affordable vaccines to protect people in underdeveloped areas against parasitic worm infections. Malcisbo has developed a proprietary target discovery platform that is based on principles used by fungi as a defense mechanism against predators and parasites. In combination with glycoengineering technologies, this platform will provide novel and efficient glycoconjugate vaccines for unmet human and veterinary medical needs. As was the case for antibiotics as antibacterial medication, this fungi-inspired concept will lead to new ways of preventing parasitic infection.

3. rank: swissaudec, Cinuos-chel

“MP3” has become the ultimate success story in electroacoustics, addressing multi-billion mass markets. This popular audio codec is based on two Stereo audio signals that have been reduced by psychoacoustic means. However, with MPEG satellite broadcasts, for instance, it would be desirable to build optimized audio codecs that need only one channel to create genuine Stereo or Surround effects. Compressed audio data of any kind could thus be reduced by a further 50 to 88 percent, and, for instance, monophonic handycam or digital camera audio signals could be reproduced in genuine Stereo or Surround sound. swissaudec is the first company offering such a solution. With seven pending patents, we license our professional audio codecs based on a single mono audio channel for extensive industrial use in consumer electronics, satellite broadcast services, car handsfree sets and FM radio receivers.

4. rank: Stemergie Biotechnology (University of Geneva/University Hospital of Geneva)

Brain tumor is a high unmet medical need. The 2-years survival rate is as low as 32% and the standard medication Temodar® increases the median survival only by 2.5 months. Today’s medicine fails to target and eradicate the cancer stem cells (CSC), which is the major reason why the brain tumor and other tumors grow and recur. Stemergie’s technology allows the unbiased identification, validation and development of treatments against these CSC. Stemergie has patented two novel therapeutic targets and three molecules that specifically eradicate brain CSC while having a low effect on normal brain cells. This targeted therapy, in combination with standard of care would lead to a higher survival rate. Stemergie plans to close its first investment round in early Q3/2010.

5. rank: MARMOTA (ETH Zurich)

Worldwide, the drastic changes in demography and ongoing urbanization lead to dense construction on non-ideal ground and force infrastructure to move underground. As a consequence, infrastructure, buildings and supply networks are endangered by ground movements (settlements, ground failures & landslides). To prevent damage during the whole structural lifetime, large-scale geotechnical monitoring is required. Our innovative high-tech fiber optic monitoring solutions offer an unprecedented amount of data at an affordable price in this rapidly growing billion-franc market. MARMOTA is convinced that introducing new sensor technologies in the traditionally conservative construction industry will enhance safety while saving time and money for the client.

Winners ranked on the 6th place (in alphabetical order)

Amphiro (ETH Zurich)

Amphiro has developed a unique product that turns conserving water and the heat energy it contains into a rewarding experience. By being able to see the amount of resources used directly at the tap or under the shower, users become aware of their energy consumption, start to set themselves efficiency targets, and actually enjoy reaching them. Our tiny smart water meters are compatible with every shower or water tap, can be installed in less than 30 seconds, generate their own power for the measurements, and either integrate seamlessly in existing designs or accentuate modern installations. One device used at a shower typically leads to savings equivalent to those from 11 energy-saving lamps – and it rewards the user by making visible the beneficial effects of conservation.

labseed (EPF Lausanne)

Contemporary medicine would not exist without implantable medical devices, such as pace makers, orthopedic, dental or breast implants. But: Implantable devices, regardless of function, location or surface material, induce the formation of a hard capsule around them. The capsule affects the function of the device and causes pain. labseed developed a proprietary solution to coat body implants with a smart surface that prevents capsular contraction: MYcoat™.

Linguistic Search Solutions, Baar

Linguistic Search Solutions provides linguistic software and services for searching for and matching data on natural persons and legal entities. This kind of specialized search is an essential part of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) as well as anti-money laundering (AML) software for banks and governments. In addition, customer relationship management (CRM), know your customer (KYC), data de-duplication and data cleansing software, which is used throughout many industry fields, rely heavily on name and identity matching functionality. Conventional search software is no longer sufficiently reliable for today’s global economy.

MaxDeTec, Thalwil

MaxDeTec develops technology with applications in particle detection devices. This technology significantly increases detection device reliability by greatly reducing the recurring problem of false alarms triggered by large particles. It also leads to a large reduction in soiling and drift, thus reducing the need for regular maintenance work and increasing product lifetime. The technology provides shorter detection times and allows for reliable, easy-to-use and cost-efficient detection devices. MaxDeTec‘s vision is to become the leading provider of technology for particle detection devices. The company has already filed several patents and will initially focus on the smoke particle detection market with a view to expanding the technology‘s applications to other markets at a later stage.

Virometix (University of Zurich)

Virometix offers an innovative solution to the problem of designing and manufacturing the next generation of vaccine-based drugs. The production and use of traditional vaccines has encountered problems, both in manufacture and due to side-effects that can occur. With its proprietary Synthetic Virus-like Particle technology, Virometix will overcome these problems by exploiting advances in immunology as well as the tools of chemistry and rational molecular design. The company is developing a totally synthetic approach to vaccines and immunotherapeutic drugs, targeting both infectious diseases and chronic human diseases such as cancer.