Teams 2012 – Winners Phase 1

191 business ideas were submitted in the first phase of »venture» 2012. Of the 25 teams nominated, 10 teams were each awarded CHF 2,500 for the best business idea.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

AppAware (ETH Zurich)

AppAware is a social network for mobile apps and games. It is a quick, fun, and beautiful way to discover new applications for your smartphone with friends! And it is already available free on Android Market:


Electrochromic Window Film (EPFL Lausanne)

We have developed an electronic tinting film that can be applied to surfaces such as windows or mirrors (e.g., the rearview mirror of a car). The wireless film reduces energy consumption and is suitable for both refits and new installations.


KB Medical (EPFL Lausanne)

KB Medical, a spin-off company of the EPFL Lausanne, has specialized know-how in the development of cutting-edge medical devices for robot-assisted operations. With the development of the Neuroglide, a high-precision surgery robot for spinal screw placements, both operation risks and recuperation time are cut significantly.


Mabimmune Diagnostics (University of Zurich)

Mabimmune prevents heart attacks through early diagnosis and targeted treatment. PlaqueVision is a human antibody-based imaging agent that identifies high-risk patients by locating life-threatening atherosclerotic plaques. FlowMab is a human antibody-based therapy that stabilizes life-threatening plaques to prevent heart attacks.


OsmoTech (EPFL Lausanne)

OsmoTech’s innovative technology provides a profitable and sustainable solution for recycling waste heat to generate power. OsmoTech will produce electricity and high-voltage capacity operating at very low temperatures (below 100°C) compared to other technologies.


PumpTire (Geneva)

PumpTire is marketing the first self-inflating bicycle tire. Imagine if you could take your bike out of the garage without ever having to pump up the tires or measure the tire pressure.


Scrona (ETH Zurich)

Scrona has developed the first scalable method to create high-definition nano structures (<100 nm) using a bottom-up 3D method. This contact-free printing technique will provide huge cost advantages in the manufacture of many products in high-tech industries.


SwissLitho (ETH Zurich)

SwissLitho markets a unique nano-manufacturing tool: the NanoFrazor. Researchers and nanotechnology manufacturers can apply this affordable and easy-to-use machine to create nano-structures quickly and to investigate those to use, for example, in future electronic, optical, or quantum nano-devices.


Taenia Tec (ETH Zurich)

We have developed a new generation of high-performance films combining high rigidity and strength with outstanding inhibiting and mechanical-damping properties. These new films enable a wide range of cost-effective products from thinner (green) food packaging to high-performance composites.


Uepaa Swiss Alpine Technology (Zurich)

Uepaa converts smartphones into mountain rescue and alarm devices via a highly effective, wireless Peer2Peer technology. Uepaa tracks and finds mountaineers even in areas without mobile network coverage or converts smartphones into avalanche transceivers.