Teams 2012 – Winners Phase 2

In the second phase of »venture» 2012, 137 business plans were submitted. The competition prize money totaled over CHF 150’000.

Main prize winners

1. rank: SWISSto12. The SWISSto12 team from Lausanne has pushed the boundaries of terahertz application technology by developing a completely new production method. Their comprehensive offering enables the production of terahertz transmissions up to 3 THz and will enable a view inside materials in future.


2. rank: Sophia Genetics. Sophia Genetics offers solutions for secure storage and analysis of information on the genome sequence of patients and allows efficient and confidential application of personalized medicine. The company develops and distributes an extremely reliable and secure web application that enables storage, analysis and visualization of gene data at the click of a mouse.


3. rank: Bcomp. Bcomp makes durable, lightweight material such as skis, ski poles, tent poles, bicycle components or, in future, even aircraft parts, from natural fibers.


4. rank: OsmoBlue. With their innovative technology, OsmoBlue* offers a profitable and sustainable solution for converting waste heat into electricity. OsmoBlue can generate energy from very low temperatures (under 100°C) (*formerly: OsmoTech)


5. rank: Rayneer TV. Rayneer offers personalized music TV. With the help of a free app on a smartphone, tablet or via a web browser, the viewer receives exactly the music videos he or she wants through a link with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.


Winners ranked on the 6th place (in alphabetical order)


Abionic will provide physicians and clinical researchers with the abioDISC™, a biomedical product that allows user-friendly diagnosis of allergies and makes personalized medical treatment easier.



AppAware is a social network for mobile apps and games that allows users to discover smartphone apps by connecting with friends. It is already available for free for Android-based phones.


Online GV by Agilentia

With online GV, Agilentia enables digital enhancements to physical annual general meetings. The invitation and registration procedures and also participation can be conducted online.


Phocone AG

Phocone develops laser modules for the medium infra-red wavelength range. The company provides sophisticated technology for high-speed measurement of gas concentrations at low cost. The recently introduced laser module technology can be used in a wide variety of markets.


Uepaa Swiss Alpine Technology

Uepaa converts smartphones into alpine rescue angels. Through network linking, mobile phones can initiate alarms in areas without reception or allow localization. The devices have built-in positioning sensors, are WLAN-capable and also detect movement.