>>venture>> 2016

Winners of »venture» 2016 Business Plan

1st Place: T3 Pharmaceuticals 

T3 Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company working to advance innovative therapies for cancer patients. The method is based on live bacteria that specifically grow in solid tumors, where they produce and deliver an active agent using our proprietary technology.

2nd Place: Comphya (formerly TreatED

Erectile dysfunction patients non-amenable to oral drug therapy resort to problematic and outdated therapies. TreatED is developing an implantable medical device, based on neuroprosthetics principle, that will offer a unique and superior treatment. 

3rd Place:  Lymphatica

Lymphatica have designed and patented the first implantable solution for treating lymphedema, one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment. The intent is to produce and market the implant, thus enabling millions of cancer survivors to regain their self-confidence and independence.

4th Place: ComfyLight

ComfyLight is dedicated to generating novel inhome security products and services for everyone. The product ComfyLight is a simple and instant security solution built in a sensor-packed light bulb and a smartphone app.

5th Place: Peripal

Patients dialysing at home and not in the hospital have a better quality of life, but encounter a critical therapy step that may cause infections: the manual connection of tubings. The novel Peripal device helps patients to connect and results in fewer infections and lower healthcare costs. 


Winners of »venture» 2016 Business Idea

1st Place: novoMOF (formerly theMOFcompany)

theMOFcompany is the market pioneer in providing a unique, customer-oriented production service for chemicals known as Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), which are set to revolutionize industrial processes. The service addresses the urgent market need for custom MOFs.

2nd Place: hemoTUNE

hemoTUNE are developing a revolutionary therapeutic blood purification platform. Functionalized magnetic nanoparticles applied in a dialysislike circuit allow specific removal of disease-related compounds directly from a patient’s blood in an efficient and mild way.

3rd Place: Daphne Technology

Daphne’s proprietary technology is a single solution that will help commercial ship owners to comply with international marine SOx and NOx air emission regulations for a lower cost than current solutions and without the need for an initial infrastructure investment.

4th Place: Insolight

Insolight's goal is to cut solar electricity costs by doubling the efficiency of solar panels. The innovative optical technology allows sunlight to be concentrated on high-efficiency solar cells in a flat-panel assembly.

5th Place: SUINCol

The SUINCoL team has developed a unique technology that cures incontinence in a simple procedure at your doctor’s office. SUINCoL’s patented injectable therapy regenerates the bladder muscles of patients suffering from incontinence.