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Gabriella Skala


CEO and Founder at AMP Health

Health & Nutrition, Social & Environmental Impact

Gabriella is a seasoned international business director with an entrepreneurial personality and has been in the healthcare industry and scientific associations for three decades. She is passionate about building organizations and is used to developing and implementing business strategies to build a solid foundation for growth.

Her focus lies particularly on innovation, awareness creation, and continuous improvement. She has a wide network and as a bridge builder regularly works with Executive Boards and Key Opinion Leaders, understanding their aims to advance scientific outcomes and medical education, and constantly striving for state-of-the-art services in quality of care. Key strengths are her fundraising skills and advocacy.

She is a curious, open-minded communicator, and supports the advancement of young scientists who are eager to innovate and advance their careers. Gabriella is Swiss, an economist by education (Exec. MBA Dual Degree, University Cardiff/Wales, GSBA), and lives in Zurich.

Organizations that she helped develop or transform are EFORT, ESOSA, XOVA Novartis, and AMP Health.

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