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Join the competition

Our 2024 edition will be open for submissions from October 1, 2023
to February 28, 2024

>>venture>> accepts startups in 6 verticals: five business verticals and one social and environmental impact vertical. Click below, to learn more about the competition and what’s at stake.

Why venture forward with us

Thank you for considering applying to >>venture>>, Switzerland’s leading startup competition!

Each year we support early-stage startups awarding over half a million Swiss francs and giving startups access to an amazing network of experts, mentors and top executives of some of the leading companies in Switzerland.

In addition to this, the >>venture>> competition is here to help you:

>  Systematically challenge your startup plan to discover flaws early and fix them efficiently

>  Put together an actionable implementation plan

>  Prepare a document that will serve as a central means of communication with investors and strategic partners


Let >>venture>> connect you to the people and resources you need!

>>venture>> takes no equity, interests or fees for 
participating and/or winning the competition.

Think you have what it takes?

You probably do a lot of pitching already, so let us pitch to you. Take the next minute to learn about the >>venture>> competition and why you should dare to venture forward with us.

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