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Gian-Luigi Berini


Senior Investment Manager at Geneva Smart Invest

Health & Nutrition

Gian-Luigi, 1961, spent more than 10 years as line- and general manager in multinational companies before starting a technology start-up in 1999which he merged successfully in 2008. In 2009, he decides to work in the field of entrepreneurship for the Swiss Government’s Commission of Technology and Innovation as well as the leading business incubator FONGIT. In parallel, he dedicates a substantial part of his time to development projects of More Than A Drop. He serves as member of the board of various start-ups of FONGIT as well as of a Seed-Money Fund. Gian-Luigi holds a degree in economy and marketing (Zurich, Bern), he has expertise is in Sales & Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Organization and General Management

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