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Janene Liston


Pricing Expert at The Pricing Lady

Industrials & Engineering; Social & Environmental Impact

Janene is a trusted Business Strategist, Pricing Expert and Value Evangelist working primarily with female led service-based businesses across industries and the globe. She’s a Certified Pricing Professional who has been helping businesses improve profits for over 25 years.

Her mission is to empower women led businesses to be more sustainably profitable. Helping them identify and believe in the value of their offer so they can charge profitable prices with more ease. Ensuring they can confidently create, communicate and charge for the value they deliver.

She’s the host of Live with The Pricing Lady, the Podcast, is honored to be one of the top 99 Pricing Thought Leaders on LinkedIn, is a European public speaking Champion and a sought after guest speaker. Watch out, her passion for pricing is contagious.

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