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Kathrin Wolff Schmandt


Board Member, Senior Advisor, Angel Investor, Strategy Expert SEF.Growth


Kathrin has held international leadership positions in Marketing (CMO), Strategy, and Business Development at UBS, where she has made significant contributions. She has also been a valued member of various strategy boards for prestigious Swiss and international organizations, including the Swiss Economic Forum, Swiss Innovation Forum, Swiss Energy & Climate Summit, and Young President Organization (YPO), among others.
Kathrin's expertise extends to digital transformation; she has successfully led digital projects for UBS in Europe and moved on to lead the business plan for a consortium, to digitalize the art ecosystems employing DLT/Blockchain.
Currently, she serves as a senior advisor for technology start-up and scale-up companies, including those involved in DLT/Blockchain. She is the Strategy Expert for SEF.Growth and Managing Director for Senior Executive Community Platforms for N9 House of Innovation. She has also assumed multiple roles as a Board Member and angel investor and is a member of SICTIC.
With international work experience in the US, Germany, and various shorter-term assignments in the UK, Middle East, and Singapore, Kathrin brings a diverse perspective to her roles. She holds advanced Marketing degrees and an MBA from European University.

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