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Luc Gérardin


Independent Management Consultant


Luc Gérardin is a strategic advisor who focuses on the design and development of customer driven solutions that leverage new technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things and the transformation of organizations to align their business and operating models to new business paradigms.
He has been working for large management consulting firms where he has supported clients in building new business and operating models, to improve business performance, increase customer focus or respond to market shifts.
He then joined IBM Global Innovation team, connecting IBM Consulting arm and IBM Research -one of the key global institutions in technology innovation, that includes 6 Nobel Prize Laureates- to design, build and sell solutions driven by AI and IoT, together with researchers and clients.
Since 2005, he has built multi-million dollars solutions, that aim at changing the game in their industry -for instance in the supply chain industry- as well as targeted solutions focusing on a specific business problem, such as customer value, inventory optimization or contract management.
With the acceleration of the digital revolution, he partners with senior executives in the creative industries, financial services and industrial companies, to build or re-build their companies’ digital presence, align it with their brand, improve their customer experience, and transform their business or operating models, including the ways of working and culture. This allows them to define and build relevant responses to changes brought by new market entrants and to seize opportunities from new technologies.
He is supporting start-ups in areas ranging from industrial technologies to ethical fashion, on topics such as overall company planning and prioritization across customer, product and financial cycles, value proposition definition, Go-to-Market strategy, or the coaching of founders along the company development stages.
He enjoys visual art, opera, sailing, skiing, hiking, yoga and traveling.

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