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Marcus Jacob


COO, Change catalyst

Industrials & Engineering

Marcus excels at improving Operations and additionally has a strong passion for leadership development. His background includes a decade with McKinsey of improving Operations across continents: from procurement to factory network optimization and from holistic transformation to productivity on the shopfloor. The next decade was spent in executive boards af Swiss SMEs, e.g. as COO at Regent or Head of Supply Chain at 4B. An electrical engineer by training, Marcus is not daunted by deep tech and is currently advising QZabre, a quantum technology startup, mentoring several board level executives. A committed coach and mentor, he is also a sparring partner for members of the board of directors in Swiss industrials. He puts emphasis on planning with the end in mind and enjoys aligning teams with a shared and co-developed target state. His unique ability to combine strategic vision and deep operational expertise make him an ideal thought partner for CEOs and COOs of startups, SMEs and corporations alike.

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