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Richard Zbinden


Managing Partner at Software Corporate Leaders

ICT; Finance & Insurance

Leadership, Perspective and Software summarizes Richard’s experience in the context of fast growing start-ups, post merger integration and corporate transformation, in short: digital transformation – since 1982.
Working in the design and development of software products and services as well as serving in various leadership roles for the implementation of standard software as a driver for organizational transformation in multinational corporations gave him unique insight in the development, integration and rescuing of companies.
Richard holds a postgraduate diploma in Leading the Technology Enterprise (LTE) from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne.
His broad domain experience in financial services and logistics, his experience with disruptive innovation (Clayton Christensen, HBS) applied to different maturity levels of corporations and his commitment to lifelong learning in leadership and technology make him a partner of choice in transformation.
Living in the fast-growing Crypto Valley, Richard acts as coach, entrepreneur and personal incubator for Crypto Finance and Blockchain related initiatives.

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