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Shila Schneider


Business Development Manager at Ewopharma AG

Health & Nutrition

Shila has a lifescience background, studied biology (developmental biology, immunology, molecular biology) at the University of Zurich, completed PhD at USZ in a gene therapy project, graduating with Dr.phil.II in Molecular Biology. Following her PhD she worked for 3 years in research at Roche Products Ltd. in the UK; projects were based in anti-inflammatory and viral diseases areas. Thereafter, she did an MBA at Imperial College Business School in London and has since graduation worked in the Lifescience industry in Business Development roles. Company range from very small service providers and platform technology to mid-sized biotechs and large, global multinationals. She has worked in all areas of the pharmaceutical value chain (drug development) from a BD point of view. Wide range of business development and licensing activities, contractual experience, business plan/cases, positioning, story-telling/presentations, big picture and attention to detail. She is a pragmatic thinker, who likes to find applications for science in the commercial world but who is not hesitating to say when something does not have a future (or at least is very difficult to achieve). For most of her professional life she has worked in the UK in international settings. Since 2010 she lives in Switzerland again. Her current work at Ewopharma focuses on bringing finished products (mainly prescription drugs) to Central and Eastern Europe through licensing deals. In addition to her professional knowledge, she brings a very good sense of cultural understanding to the table. Finally, she is described as an excellent motivator, mediator and coach. Which, for example, she uses privately when teaching swimming according to the Total Immersion method.

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