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Zsofia Agnes Nagy


Sustainable Supply Chain Adviser

Cross Vertical

As a supply chain & operations professional, I offer an objective pair of lenses and a rich, experience-based knowledge to help you find the right solution and execute it successfully. I bring these from over 19 years spent in both industry & consulting roles across the entire supply chain built from the bottom up.

What you get working with me:
1. Unbiased evaluation of the situation at hand & a realistic benefit picture
2. Agreed, clear actions that can be taken immediately
3. Sustainable solutions that make your value chain resilient

Quick info about me:
- Globally experienced
- Managed projects and programmes of variable sizes with startups, SMEs & corporations from greenfield setups to multi-regional programmes
- Led from 5 to 60 people in cross-functional & project setups
- Certified Project Manager (2008) & negotiator (2020)
- Main industries covered: Pharmaceuticals, med. Tech., FMCG/CPG, airline, cosmetics/beauty

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