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Nimagna brings real human connection to remote meetings

Remote meetings have already become the norm, yet there are things that are still difficult to convey through a screen. Nimagna, one of the 2021 >>venture>> winners in the ICT vertical, has developed a solution to make remote meetings feel alive and build a stronger connection among the participants.

Could you explain what your startup does in a few sentences?

The pandemic has changed how we work forever with remote working and technology becoming a part of daily life. But while more work hours are spent communicating remotely, existing solutions have not yet enabled the most important reason for corporate meetings – human connection. Lack of non-verbal cues, awkward interfaces forcing users to toggle between presenters and content, and an overall sub-optimal audio and visual experience too often provides for uninspired and superficial interactions.

Nimagna’s mission is to bring real human connection to remote meetings. Through the Nimagna technology and solutions, teams are immersed in meeting experiences that seamlessly integrates presenter & content, giving participants the sense of being physically present at meetings, sales pitches, demos and training. Importantly, all this can be autonomously accomplished using existing equipment.

What is something you wish you knew when you started putting together your business?

Some of us on the Nimagna team have been fortunate to have had past success with ventures targeting a smaller number of clients with very specific needs. With Nimagna our ambition is to have a far wider appeal and impact. This larger scale introduces a whole new set of considerations, including the wide variety of needs across and within companies, ease of operability, and to always deliver the most compelling user experience to realize the potential benefit of the Nimagna solution.

What plans do you have for your startup in the next several months?

This is a very exciting stage of our venture. We are ramping up the development team to complete the prototype work. We then advance into the piloting phase where we can put the service into action and receive real user feedback and utilize the learning for further testing and optimization. In early 2022, we aim to close another financing round and continue to advance Nimagna.

What's something you've had to deal with as an entrepreneur that you never expected to?

We actually had identified the opportunity to rethink remote meeting experiences and the idea of Nimagna well before the pandemic. What we didn’t plan on was developing remote meeting solutions in a remote-first environment. It has been challenging but working remotely has given us great insights into user needs and the confidence that Nimagna can significantly improve meeting interactions for corporations.

What is your unique selling point to potential customers out there?

Until now, meeting solutions have enabled more flexible communication methods for remote work. However, present options don’t deliver what is most critical for effective meetings – a real human connection for participants. It is the feeling of human connection that builds strong teams, inspires a vision, and gains commitment to action. Nimagna puts human connection at the heart of its technology, delivering immersive user experiences that make participants feel like they are physically together and help make remote meetings feel alive.


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