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From car parks to renewable energy

Enerdrape turns underground infrastructures into renewable heat sources for the heating and cooling needs of buildings.

Composite Recycling team

Could you explain what your startup does in a few sentences?

Enerdrape turns underground infrastructures such as car parks, metro stations, or tunnels into renewable energy suppliers for the heating and cooling supply of buildings. We have invented the world first thermal panel of the underground that allows doing so, capturing renewable heat from untapped environments.

How did you assemble your startup team?

My 2 co-founders and I were conducting a joint research at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, where we start with the idea. Little by little, we diversified our skills bring some new profiles to the team.

Last year, you were a >>venture>> finalist, and this year you’ve become a winner. What did you do differently this time around?

I guess our project has matured and evolved, >> venture >> jury feedback among others helped us to refine our market entry strategy, for example, pinpointing specific challenges and obstacles we might have in the future.

We are now more mature, more prepared, and have a clear vision of our plan.

What plans do you have for your startup in the next several months?

Closing our Seed Round and start to execute. Hiring new talents, growing the team, executing first projects, and bringing the product to the market.


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