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The 2024 Venture Startup Competition Kicks off in Zurich and Lausanne

In the days leading up to Halloween, the entrepreneurial pulse quickened as we proudly launched the 2024 edition of the >>venture>> startup competition in Zurich and Lausanne. The convergence of seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, startup coaches, investors, and support organizations set the stage for the kind of collaborative journey >>venture>> is known for.

The excitement kicked off in Zurich with a warm welcome from Frank Floessel, Head of ETH Entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, André Catana, Head of Unit of the Venture Builder at the Vice Presidency of Innovation, EPFL, delivered an engaging welcome speech that captivated the audience at the Lausanne event. Their opening remarks resonated with the innovative spirit that defines the >>venture>> community.

The keynote speech in Zurich was delivered by Maximilian Moser, co-founder & CTO of Biosimo, our 2023 Grand Prize Winner, while Tom Bertrand, co-founder of Bearmind and 2023 ICT 1st place winner, took the stage in Lausanne. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on their journey with >>venture>>.

A sincere thank you goes out to our extensive >>venture>> network, whose steadfast support contributed significantly to the success of the events in both cities:



Mentors & Jurors

Christian Suter

Claudia Zimmermann

Emanuele Marsili

Josef Felber

Kathrin Wolff Schmandt

Linda Nel

Maria Friedrich

Mikael Ramvall

Nikko Karlo Robles

Peter A. Plötz

Roland Moser

Soren Bjonness

Thomas Schurr

Mentors & Jurors

Nanci Govinder

Pedro Paiva

Pierre Henri Pingeon

Sébastien Lénelle

Tomas Svoboda

Wilma Lukas


Boostbar: Johannes Lermann

Pipra: John Klepper

Openversum: Laura Stocco

DeepPsy: Mateo de Bardeci


Rea Diagnostics SA: Erick García-Cordero

Daphne Technology: Juan Mario Michan

ZIZAN!A Biobotanica: Tulipan Zollinger

Voltiris: Xavier Da Costa


QBIT Capital AG: Georges Khneysser

SICTIC: Magdalena Tarasinska

Business Angels Switzerland: Nicole Zingg


C.G. Consulting Group: Carlo Guareschi

Sensile Technologies: Cédric Morel

NewOak SA: Davide Verda

Serpentine Ventures: Dominique Gruhl-Bégin

Business Angels Switzerland: Emre Acikel

Fongit: Enrico Bergamini

Salus Partners: Fariba Hashemi

Lightbird Ventures: Henrik Reimavuo

Wingman Ventures: Maxime Baube


Alexa Nodari

Kathrin Plüss


Ana Soares

Johanne Stettler

We leave you with a few photos from the evenings!

As these events draw to a close, the >>venture>> community leaves with fresh perspectives, new connections, and heightened inspiration. The launch of >>venture>> 2024 not only marks the beginning of a new edition but also reinforces our commitment to fostering innovation in Switzerland. We eagerly look forward to the transformative journeys that will unfold for our participants in the months ahead.


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