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Business cases that solve real problems are key

Interview with Claudia Zimmermann, >>venture>>mentor & juror, and Founder of C-Advisor.

Claudia Zimmermann offers guidance on creating winning startup business cases and forming ideal investor relationships.

What do you look for in a winning business case?

First, I look whether the solution is fulfilling an actual need and how. Secondly, does the team have the capability to deliver the solution, and are they ready to seek and accept advice from outside the organization? Personally, I favor sustainably driven solutions. Therefore, I’m partial to business cases that solve real problems, enclose a life-cycle approach and live team diversity (skills, cultural, gender). Lastly, scalability is of course nice to see, but a realistic, sustainable development path is closer to what I want to see in a winning business case.

What’s a common mistake you see in business case submissions?

I saw some really interesting business cases that I couldn’t judge because of the lack of information. This is a real shame. I would suggest to every participant in the >>venture>> competition to think first whether they want to reveal the necessary amount of information that would allow a confidential third party the ability to properly judge the business case. If not, don’t waste neither your nor my time.

What’s something you wish every entrepreneur knew before talking to investors?

Know what you need apart from the money from your investor. What else can your investor provide for you? This is like getting engaged over a certain period of time. Know your investor well and check the intentions and expectations before you get engaged. And, always think of how you will split-up after your engagement. You all want to have a great journey together and say goodbye with a smile.


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