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Startup entrepreneurs need the resilience to execute ideas

Interview with Romeo Spinelli, mentor of >>venture>> & Founder of Blue Minerals.

Romeo Spinelli shares advice for startup entrepreneurs and the importance of continual learning and advancement - both in one’s personal and professional life.

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear "entrepreneur"?

Before any word comes to my mind, I have an almost physical reaction which is assuming the posture of a wolf that activates all his senses to capture anything happening around him- this is when it gets exciting, this is when you want to be ready to act immediately.

The first word, and by far that most relevant is ‘Execution’ - what is going to single out your idea from billions of brilliant other ideas and plans is your capability and your resilience to execute.

What are you learning right now?

Learning new things as well as learning how to improve things that you constantly and normally do – even the everyday basics - is one of the activities which I prioritize and put a lot of energy into on a daily basis.

From a business perspective, my learning presently is mainly on alternative fuels to decarbonize one of the most difficult sectors: transportation.

From a private perspective, I am working on my swimming technique to make it far more efficient in preparation for “Ironman” competitions.

What is a question you would like to answer, but no one asks?

“There are going to be moments in my journey as an entrepreneur where I am going to have serious doubt about the success of my venture, when I feel failure is so close…Well, what do I do those days – how can admit this to my surroundings without looking weak and indecisive?” …I would love to be able to have this discussion – for once!


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