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Introducing Switzerland's most promising early-stage startups of 2023: the >>venture>> winners!

We're excited to introduce the top three winners per vertical in both the Business and NPO Tracks, who have triumphed over a staggering 336 inital submissions.

After pitching live during the second round of the competition, our expert jurors chose these ideas as the most promising early-stage startups in Switzerland.

But the journey doesn't end here! The next and final stage of the competition involves a high-stakes pitch in front of our esteemed Advisory Board, who will ultimately decide the rankings of the winners and crown the Grand Prize recipient.

We hope to welcome you to the Award Ceremony on June 26, 2023 at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne as we unveil the rankings of our winners and name the Grand Prize Winner! RSVP for your free spot here.

So without further ado, allow us to introduce the standout startups who have secured their positions as the top three winners in their respective verticals:



Ascentys automates the ESG assessment and reporting of companies, turning what is typically a complex, frustrating exercise into an effortless experience. Ascentys' SaaS based, automated ESG assessment and reporting allows for the smooth delivery of a clear, practical, actionable ESG assessment report outlining what customers do well and what they should improve. Simple, fast, accurate and cost-efficient.


Frigg builds software to upgrade sustainable finance and streamline the financing workflow from origination, securitization and financing to post-financing follow-up. Their target market consists of small to mid-sized renewable energy developers who struggle with manual, costly and time-consuming financing processes. Frigg builds on awarded government-grants and strategic partnerships with renewable energy stakeholders to achieve its goals.

Grape health

Grape is the first Swiss fully digital employee insurance that invests in employees' physical and mental health. Grape provides a faster service and a more accurate pricing for customers based on new data points and machine-learning techniques. This allows Grape to invest into what matters most - the health of employees. Grape pays for prevention services for its clients and makes their teams healthier.



DIATHERIS develops better therapeutic solutions to improve management of type 1 diabetes, providing an alternative to insulin therapy for patients.

Lighthouse Tech Sagl

Lighthouse Tech makes a fashion eyewear frame that is a wearable device enabling safe mobility for blind and severely vision impaired people. Hazards in proximity of the user are communicated via L/R haptic vibration. Discreet, fashionable looks and highly intuivite feedback help fight social stigma and inspire confidence, areas where other smart mobility solutions consistently underperform.


metaLead develops cutting-edge treatments against toxic metal poisoning, starting with the most dangerous metal: lead (Pb). Its innovative technology aims to provide safe and highly effective treatment for millions affected by lead poisoning, by selectively capturing toxicants and not essential metals in patients.



Bearmind is an EPFL spin-off developing helmet-worn sensors and software for brain injury prevention and cognitive performance monitoring in sports. The technology allows for real-time head impact data, which is translated into a personalized risk assessment, supporting team staff in brain injury prevention and cognitive performance monitoring.


ClearSky is the next-generation A.I. assistant built on uncompromising privacy by design. It augments confidential conversations on local devices, to ensure sensitive data remain inside the walls of board meetings, medical consultations or court hearings.


EMPATH provides a plug&play over-the-air test solution for wireless systems to ensure safety and performance of devices, allowing for production line testing. It proposes a new solution which can characterize a wireless system by retrieving its 3D radiation pattern in a single-shot measurement.



Biosimo AG brings low-cost bio-based chemicals to the market, reducing CO2 emissions and leading the transition to a fossil-free chemical industry. Biosimo's chemicals are a “drop-in” solution to existing processes, immediately reducing the carbon footprint of everyday products. The secret here is its catalytic process, which can be easily scaled, allowing for a cost-competitive green product.


Perovskia Solar is a cleantech startup that provides digitally printed perovskite solar cells. Their versatile printing technology allows for the creation of customized solar cells that seamlessly integrate into electronic devices & sensors and offers breakthrough performance at disruptive costs – perovskite materials enable cells to operate in low-light conditions.


Voltiris' solar modules allows greenhouse growers to gain energy independence. The modules allow for double-land use of greenhouses’ surface to generate electricity without impacting the growth of the crops placed underneath. This results in 3 benefits for growers: energy independence, profitability and sustainability.


Clever Forever

CatnClever (CnC) is a math and literacy app for preschoolers that uses AI to create interactive games. The innovative CnC app provides children with the skills they need for a headstart in school. The company shares the UN sustainability goals of quality education and reduced inequality, and will always be available for free to children in need.


NOW Care is rethinking personal care, by developing the first, Swiss made, powdered formula that turns into a full bottle of liquid, foaming soap. NOW Care's consumer-friendly, effective and water-saving soap contains local plants and prebiotics - allowing for a conscious soap consumption.


Viatu makes sustainable travel accessible by building the first platform that enables everyone to book a connected trip within minutes, all in one place. The strategy is to guide travellers on their impact and to promote sustainable tourism partners in curated destinations.


Adaire Academy

Adaire Academy enables dormant, un- and under-employed, yet qualified, African adults to pursue rewarding technology careers in remote teams by filling increasing demand for qualified technologists in Switzerland. They have partnered with EPFL Extension School to deploy their online curricula, have developed a revolving fund to finance adult education and designed in support mechanisms to remove any barrier faced by qualified participants.


HEMLATA is empowering young women from India’s lower socio-economic strata, through quality education, to step out of their cycles of inter-generational poverty, and achieve gender equality. HEMLATA Alumni are employed and contributing to society as taxpayers, establishing proof of concept.


Openversum empowers local entrepreneurs in Colombia and Ecuador to provide safe drinking water to underserved communities by training them to locally manufacutre and distribute household-level drinking water filters, consequently creating employment for thousands of entrepreneurs and reaching the people in most need.


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