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Jawsome uses machine learning to tackle the oral care sector.

Jawsome explains how they found a gap in the highly competitive oral care sector to provide customized home teeth whitening.

Could you explain your startup in a few sentences?

Jawsome SA is a startup based in Geneva aiming at disrupting the teeth whitening market. Under the brand TheBrightLab, we have developed the first teeth whitening kit that provides tailor-made treatments and continuous support. Our main objective is to develop and offer a wide range of oral care products, establishing a trustworthy brand in the oral care sector that delivers lifelong benefits.

What’s something you wish you knew when you started putting together your business?

I was lucky enough to already know the startup ecosystem so I didn’t have a lot of surprises. We worked for quite a long time before incorporating the company just to validate the product was in line with our market. The only thing that I wish I knew before starting the adventure where to go to get advice, coaching, and grants.

What plans do you have for your startup in the next several months?

We are doing a clinical trial in collaboration with the Dental University of Geneva on 50 people to validate the protocol of treatment, and to make some adjustments to our final design. We will then start the first serial production of the device so as to be in a position to launch the product by the end of this year.

At the same time, we are also looking for funds to ensure that we will have enough marketing power and also to grow the team and scale operations.

When did you decide to launch a startup tackling teeth whitening and what is the first thing you did?

I was working in a family office and my role was to look for investment opportunities in early stage startups. During this experience, I had the chance to work closely with really promising projects and that is when I realized that I wanted to try and start my own project. I first looked for a sector that in my opinion was not already disrupted, oral care. As oral care is a very competitive sector I decided to focus on home teeth whitening kits as it is a new booming product amongst millennials. I noticed that most products on the market are almost identical to one another. They have the same features, same designs and similar gel compositions. The gels used are not really efficient. At first, I ordered all the products available on the market, I then made a list of a new set of features that I could bring to the products and I made sure they were doable with an engineer. The last step before incorporating the company was a market survey to validate the product.

What is your unique selling point to potential customers out there?

We developed a product that has all the benefits from the medical and the cosmetic standpoints: efficient, sensitivity-free, affordable and proudly Swiss made.

None of the products on the market take into consideration that individuals react differently to the same treatment.

Our product is the first that will learn from the user’s progress and is tailor-made. It will personalize the user’s experience to achieve the best results. It will also help users maintain their teeth color over time.

With TheBrightLab you will never stop smiling!!!


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