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The 2023 >>venture>> Early Birds

We are thrilled to announce the selection of 20 outstanding startups that will benefit from the expertise of our >>venture>> mentors!

After receiving 78 applications for our Early Bird offer, our team relied on the scores awarded by our jurors to determine the most promising candidates. We are proud to unveil the 20 lucky startups who have been granted this invaluable opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our accomplished network of startup coaches. This exclusive program, which is typically only available to our finalists, provides unparalleled access to some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable entrepreneurs and industry experts.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the Early Bird winners, and we are excited to see the tremendous growth and success that they will achieve with the guidance and support of our exceptional mentorship program.

Badger (Retail & Consumer Services): Badger empowers small businesses by giving them tools to gain a competitive edge in today's digital landscape and build lasting relationships with their clients.

Beyond Scroll (Industrials & Engineering): Beyond Scroll offers an ‘efficiency booster’ for green H2 production, which comes in the form of an oil-free scroll compressor enabling the green H2 infrastructure growth.

BreezeLabs AG (ICT): BreezeLabs provides the first solution to track breathing during activity with standard headphones, which help to train better and will give personalized advice.

Energy4Us (Industrials & Engineering): E4U is a platform to recharge your electric vehicle at idling charging points owned by businesses around you, shared like AirBnB for your electric car.

Fabas (Health & Nutrition): Fabas produces plant-based ingredients of highest quality, local origin, and with a low environmental impact.

Greenfi (Finance & Insurance): Greenfi helps financial institutions meet their net-zero commitments by deploying sustainable financing and access to green solutions to their SME customers.

HeroSupport SA (Health & Nutrition): Improve cancer treatments effectiveness, safety, and cost-efficiency with personal patient-positioning medical devices and standardized workflows.

Impossible Materials (Industrials & Engineering): Impossible Materials enables businesses sustainable products by providing them with plant-based ingredients. Their first product is a cellulose white pigment.

Inverto (Industrials & Engineering): Inverto uses innovative technology to make mangrove restoration a cost effective, high impact nature based carbon capture solution.

Lagrange.AI (ICT): Lagrange.AI platform tackles supply chain uncertainties and disruptions, automatically scans a company's distribution network, and identifies areas for improvement.

macu4 AG (Health & Nutrition): With the macu4 devices for the arm/hand, affected persons can be cared for in a more benefit-oriented manner and remotely at a significantly lower cost.

NanoDecoder (Industrials & Engineering): NanoDecoder develops portable nanopore sequencing devices to enable and simplify DNA tag detection for the anti-counterfeiting industry.

Oryl Photonics (Health & Nutrition): Oryl Photonics develops a laboratory device for simpler, faster, cheaper, and sustainable solubility measurement, for better and effective medicine.

Planeto (Industrials & Engineering): Planeto's software digitalizes the design of district heating networks, using machine learning algorithms to slash time, and cost and accelerate the energy transition.

plasNifix AG (Industrials & Engineering): plasNifix develops environmentally friendly and energy-efficient plasma-assisted solutions for nitrogen fixation, with a focus on green ammonia production.

Sun-Ways (Industrials & Engineering): Sun-Ways is a technical process that allows to use the surface between the rails of a track to install removable solar power plants, with a railway machine.

Utopian Companion (Health & Nutrition): Improving the lives of vulnerable individuals by combining the power of wearable devices with state-of-the-art machine learning.

Ymarinas (Retail & Consumer Services): The Marine booking app for Yacht Owners, Captains, and Ports to reserve and pay for their mooring, fuel and services.

Yumame Foods AG (Health & Nutrition): Yumame Foods uses fungi and fermentation to create animal-free food products for the center of the plate that are delicious, minimally processed, and locally produced.

Zario (Retail & Consumer Services): A digital well-being platform that helps people live a balanced digital life by reducing undesired screen time and replacing it with phone-free activities.


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