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The 2024 >>venture>> Early Bird Winners

We are excited to share the news about our selection of 10 outstanding startups that will benefit from the expertise of our >>venture>> mentors!

Following the submission of 82 applications for our Early Bird special, our team made their selections relying on the scores awarded by our jurors to determine the most promising candidates. We are proud to unveil the 10 lucky startups who have earned this invaluable opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our accomplished network of startup coaches. This exclusive program, typically reserved for our finalists, provides unparalleled access to some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable entrepreneurs and industry experts.

We warmly congratulate the winners of the Early Bird selection, and we are excited to see the tremendous growth and success they will achieve with the guidance and support of our exceptional mentorship program.

BreezeLabs (Health & Nutrition) has developed a novel approach to track breathing during exercise using only standard earphones. The measured breathing is then used to give personalized training advice.

ENANTIOS (Health & Nutrition) is on a mission to enable the next generation of pharmaceutical drugs by providing simple measurement solutions for complex molecules.

Genknowme (Health & Nutrition), the Swiss epigenetic company, provides predictive epigenetic testing for personalized healthcare, focusing on biological age and stress impact.

Inveel (Industrials & Engineering) is revolutionizing robotics with its high-resolution skin, using nanoelectrode printing for precise sensing, mimicking human touch.

KIDEMIS (Industrials & Engineering) employs mycelium-based fermentation to transform low-value agricultural side-streams into premium functional fungi-based ingredients.

REEcover (Industrials & Engineering) aims to enable a greener future by recycling rare earth elements (REEs) from e-waste, using an innovative patented technology.

REMA (Industrials & Engineering) is the catalyst for a world powered by affordable, sustainable, and green hydrogen with the most cost-effective electrolyzer.

Sun-Ways (Industrials & Engineering) is a patented device that allows the use of the surface between the rails of a railway track to install removable solar power plants.

Trojan Therapeutics (Health & Nutrition) is developing a cell-based immunotherapy for so-called "cold", hard to treat, solid tumors and his lead indication is triple-negative breast cancer.

Utopian Companion (Health & Nutrition) is improving the lives of vulnerable individuals by combining the power of wearable devices with state-of-the-art machine learning.


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