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Turning spare change into investments

Kaspar& offers an all-in-one app including a Swiss bank account, and an automatic transaction-based round-up mechanism that invests the resulting micro-payments in professionally managed investment strategies.

Lauro Böni, Sebastian Büchler, Dr. Jan-Philip Schade, Dr. Lukas Plachel

Could you explain what your startup does in a few sentences?

We are Switzerland’s most accessible investment solution helping everyone to gain access to professional wealth management. We offer our clients a Swiss bank account and a prepaid MasterCard with a special trick: With every payment a customer makes the purchase is automatically rounded up to the next Swiss Franc and the generated top-up is automatically invested in a broad portfolio of ETFs and index funds. Additionally, our users can open as many additional investment goals as they wish - each one comprising an individual investment strategy that ideally helps to reach individual goals in life. In short: We help everyone to easily master their financial life!

What are you most excited about with regards to your project?

I think one of the most exciting things about Kaspar& is the fact that we integrate investing into the everyday life of our customers by being the first to link payments and wealth management. This way, investing just happens and our customers don’t have to actively decide to do it. This makes investing much more accessible for most people and, hence, closes the gap between the 15% of all people in Switzerland that already invest and those 85% that don’t. We believe that this really creates an impact because it will help people in the long-run to fight inflation and reach their goals.

How did your idea come about?

Our founding team consists of 4 experts with more than 50 years of experience within the fields of asset management, wealth management and Fintech. We always wanted to create a sustainable impact with our know-how which is why we challenged the question of why so few people have access to professional wealth management solutions. Based on that challenge we decided to create a solution that just makes investing happen. And obviously the best way to do that is to link it to something that happens all the time: payments!

Last year you were a >>venture>> finalist. What do you think made you a winner this year?

I believe the main reason might be the fact that Kaspar& made great progress in the last 12 months: we closed our pre-seed investment round worth CHF 1.6 Million, we went live with our app and payment card, we were able to create strong customer growth, and signed up for new partnerships. All that aside, we are already looking into further business models to create a truly open finance solution by becoming Switzerland’s "TWINT for investing“.


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