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>>venture>> 2022 Early Bird Winners

Presenting the 25 early bird startups that will benefit from the expertise of our >>venture>> mentors

Nearly 180 startups applied to our special 25th anniversary Early Bird offer. After carefully reading through the applications, the >>venture>> team is proud to reveal the 25 lucky startups being granted access to our amazing mentorship program. The program, usually only reserved for our finalists, includes access to our inspiring network of startup coaches made up of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Congratulations to the Early Bird Winners!

4QT (Industrials & Engineering): As an Integrator of proprietary Swiss technology, alternative fuels and carbon offsetting, 4QT manufactures, licenses and retrofits carbon neutral vehicles.

Adaire (ICT): Adaire seeks to satisfy demand in the technology talent market by unlocking a new supply of talent and impacting 1m skilled & hidden African software developers.

Addmin (ICT): Addmin is a modern SaaS document management system democratizing access to advanced files’ organization for entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporate.

arcoris bio (Health & Nutrition): arcoris bio strives to become a leader in Life Sciences by accelerating R&D and diagnostics with best-in-class and platform independent biomolecule detection.

Ascento Robotics (Industrials & Engineering): Ascento Robotics develops the fastest, most versatile and most energy efficient mobile robot that can go wherever you go while carrying 10kg.

Bigfood (Retail & Consumer Services): Bigfood is an asset-light grocery delivery marketplace allowing people to build meal plans from quick and easy healthy recipes. (Retail & Consumer Services): gathers the community of sports coaches and gyms and provides them with tools to find each other and facilitate their daily relationships.

Freesuns SA (Industrials & Engineering): Freesuns designs, manufactures and installs powerful and beautiful solar roof tiles for use in residential, commercial and heritage properties in Switzerland.

Fruitful Farming AG (Industrials & Engineering): Fruitful's technology is able to understand plant growth dynamics within controlled environment agriculture and suggests ways to optimize it to improve efficiency.

Hexem (Industrials & Engineering): Hexem has developed a method to extract energy from industrial wastewater. Thank to their technology, wastewater treatment becomes profitable, thus incentivizing the process.

Hikane (Health & Nutrition): Hikane develops optoelectronic devices that will help blind and visually impaired and their daily life.

Isochronic AG (Industrials & Engineering): Isochronic enables industrial robots to multitask.

Leta. the courier platform for Africa's fast growing e-commerce (ICT): Finding the most efficient, secure, and reliable way for cargo movements. Through its marketplace Leta brings transparency into a highly fragmented market.

Limoo (Retail & Consumer Services): Limoo is a food-tech start-up that utilizes an innovative model for food delivery in order to optimize costs.

Mavuno Technologies (Health & Nutrition): Mavuno is a AgTech startup with the mission to empower African smallholder farmers with satellite imagery technology in order to significantly increase their harvest yields.

Nemosia (Health & Nutrition): Nemosia envisions that brain scans will be part of regular health check-ups. They are developing PET medical imaging radiotracers to visualize brain receptors.

Pales (Health & Nutrition): Pales’ mission is to build self-powered technology that improves animals’ welfare and increases farmers' profitability through early detection of health issues.

Recyclage Market (Retail & Consumer Services): Recyclage Market recovers and gives a second life to objects by breathing new life into them on the second-hand market.

RED (Retail & Consumer Services): RED Technologies uses the latest technology to make the oldest profession in the world more accessible, safe and fair in the most convenient way possible.

RemotelyGreen SA (ICT): RemotelyGreen is an intelligent platform for truly sociable online events. Bringing people closer. Remotely.

Revozona Ozone Solutions (Industrials & Engineering): Revozona developed disruptive industrial textile washing and -bleaching solutions using ozone, realizing substantial water- and emissions reduction of over 90%.

Sun-Ways (Industrials & Engineering): Sun-Ways has developed a technical process that makes it possible to use the surface between the railway tracks to install solar power plants.

SURI BioTech (Health & Nutrition): SURI BioTech develops probiotics with a proven mechanism of action for the alleviation of bloating and intestinal discomforts.

Taso (ICT): Taso is an artificial intelligence-based software-as-a-service that allows team leaders to automatically create staff schedules based on their rules.

Treeless Pack (Industrials & Engineering): Treeless Pack develops microorganism-based packaging to address the global issue of deforestation and substitute traditional paper packaging and plastic.

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