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>>venture>> 2024 Award Ceremony

June 18, 2024 >>venture>>, Switzerland's leading startup competition, has crowned the best startup in Switzerland for this year... and the grand prize goes to Borobotics! Additional prizes were awarded during the ceremony at ETH Zurich. The event saw a gathering of prominent figures from business, politics, and science, making it a grand celebration of innovation.

Last night, an air of excitement filled ETH Zurich as the founder of >>venture>> and former head of McKinsey Switzerland, Thomas Knecht, announced the grand prize winner: Borobotics. This innovative startup from Winterthur has developed a groundbreaking geothermal drilling robot specifically designed for constrained spaces like city centers and basements. The robot, affectionately named "Grabowski," stands at just 2 meters tall—significantly smaller than the conventional 6-meter models.

The award ceremony, hosted by Annina Frey—an entrepreneur, former SRF presenter, and DJ/producer—honored winners from all six verticals. The total prize money awarded amounted to nearly 600,000 Swiss francs.

Live voting from the guests during the award ceremony added an exciting element of suspense as they selected their favorite among the six Audience Award candidates. In the end, Genius Loci emerged as the crowd favorite, taking home CHF 10,000.

Here is the final ranking of our 18 winners in each vertical, and the Audience Award winner:

Finance & Insurance:

  1. CLIMADA Technologies

  2. Crowdtransfer

  3. MC2 Finance

Health & Nutrition:

  1. Eviive

  2. Procavea Biotech

  3. Cultivated Biosciences


  1. Rapidata

  2. Optiml

  3. Planeto

Industrials & Engineering:

  1. Borobotics (first place and winner of the Grand Prize)

  2. RTDT Laboratories

  3. qCella

Retail & Consumer Services:

  1. Brian

  2. Wepot SA

  3. Bergmobil

Social & Environmental Impact:

  1. ALIEN Limited

  2. Malaica

  3. InvestConservation®

Audience Award Winner

  • Genius Loci


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