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Zurich entrepreneurs and startup supporters meet at ETH's Student Project House

The >>venture>> startup competition packs ETH's Student Project House during the 2023 Kickoff event

On Tuesday, November 29th, the Student Project House (SPH) was buzzing with aspiring entrepreneurs and startup supporters during the 2023 >>venture>> Kickoff event.

The event featured a special welcome by Dr. Vanessa Wood, VP for Knowledge Transfer at ETH and Dr. Lucie Rejman, Head of ETH's Student Project House.

The evening also featured a keynote speech from Dr. Philipp Spycher, co-founder and CEO of Araris, 2018 >>venture>> winner.

Startup support organizations such as Innosuisse, SEIF and Boldbrain were also present at the event.

Participants were able to enjoy networking with the investors, mentors, jurors, and alumni that make up the vast >>venture>> network, all the while, learning about the startup competition.

A huge thanks to the special guests that made the Kickoff event a great success!



Johannes Lermann

Annelous Konijnenberg

Bravo Technologies

Swen Koller

Olivier Girstmair


John Klepper


Angel Investor

Vvivi Rongrong Hu

Equity Pitchers

Hermann Koch

Salus Partners

Fariba Hashemi


Ralph Mogicato

Magdalena Tarasinska

Hermann Hoch

Verve Ventures

Romeo Bütler

Henry Waldersee

Zürcher Kantonalbank

Elias Luminati


Andrea Lidberg

Arnd Kaltofen

Aron Braun

Beat Walther

Björn Klocke

Christian Suter

Daniel Haudenschild

David Muggli

Enkelejda Miho

Francis Kuhlen

Gerald Dahlmann

Josef Felber

Kathrin Wolff Schmandt

Linda Nel

Lukas Döbelin

Lukas Reinhardt

Maija Vihma

Maria Anselmi

Melanie Gonzales

Michal Bartos

Mirjam Sick

Martin Schneider

Ruth Armalé

Stephan Hess

Scott Herrick

Ulrich Hoffmann

Véronique Stephan

Walter Looser

Zsofia Agnes Nagy

We leave you with a few images from the Kickoff event.


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